October 30, 2023
Evelyn Cools
Evelyn Cools

Spooktacular HRAs: Making Benefits Education Fun with Themed Campaigns

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A few weeks ago, we realized that many of our Airbo team members didn’t understand their Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) - aka, that we give them a chunk of money every year to help with their medical expenses. As the deadline to use these funds was fast approaching, our Director of Marketing put together a Campaign to teach the team about HRA basics: what they are, where to access the funds, and how to use them. 

And… since the Campaign was scheduled for October, it only made sense to give it a Halloween twist! It ended up being one of the best-received Campaigns we’ve done, so we wanted to share some best practices that made it such a success.

But before we dive in, feel free to check out our Halloween-themed HRA Campaign. We guarantee you’ll have a haunt-astic time 🎃

Best Practices for an Engaging Benefits Education Campaign

Simplify the Language

One of the keys to an effective Benefits Education Campaign is to keep things simple and conversational. Imagine you're explaining the topic to someone who's completely unfamiliar with it, and don't shy away from addressing your employees directly.

Offer Useful Tips

Make your Campaign as helpful as possible by offering practical tips so employees have the right resources on hand when they need them. These tips can include bookmarking essential links, sharing information with family members, or downloading a mobile app for easy access.

Get Creative with Visuals

We recommend using a mix of gifs and still images, and encourage you to add fun or unexpected elements to keep employees engaged. Airbo has an extensive library of images for you to experiment with, or you can even use emojis in Tile descriptions to enhance visual appeal.

Inject Some Humor

Humor can be a powerful tool in your Benefits Education Campaign, especially when it's themed. You can include clever puns and weave a fun narrative throughout, making the learning experience much more enjoyable.

Incentivize Participation with Prizes

Motivate your employees by including incentives in your Campaign. Offer prizes and clearly communicate why they should participate and collect points. You can sprinkle this incentive throughout the Tiles, reminding people of the rewards they can earn. 

We hope these tips inspired you for your next Benefits Education Campaign! And maybe you’ll even add a theme? Feel free to use our Halloween-themed HRA Campaign for reference, and let us know if you decide to create something similar.

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