Hi, we’re Airbo 

We appreciate that you're considering working with us. Here's an overview of what it's like to be a part of the team. 

Accelerate Your Career

We give our team members the freedom to excel, the trust to grow, and the support to go further.

We like to think of ourselves as a fun and driven bunch. We hire people that are gritty and have something to prove. You won’t be entering a cookie-cutter team where you’re a cog. From day one, you’ll be a critical part of Airbo.

For example, if you’re an Account Executive wanting to be a VP of Sales one day, Airbo will help you get there much faster because you’ll be more involved in strategy at a relatively early stage of your career. 

To accelerate the development of your career, you’ll get unique opportunities to take on more opportunities sooner than elsewhere. 

Build a flexible career

We’re a hardworking bunch, but at Airbo, you don't have to choose between growing your career and having a life outside of work. 

Our hard work earns us the flexibility to pursue our passions. Vlad (our CEO) hones his surfing skills in LA, while Kate (our COO) rides her horse, G, in Vermont.

Work remotely, together

Work from anywhere you want, while still being part of a team! Airbo is a fully-remote team that values the flexibility of remote work. 

A few times a year, we get together in a city to hang out as a team (and sing Karaoke 🎤).

Daily stand up

Every day at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT, the whole team comes together for a 10-minute stand-up.

We do this because it reminds us that, even though we're not in the office together, we have a wonderful group of people that are working together to create what we call Airbo. 

We’re a little obsessed with Airbo swag

    Stability: how we built it

    With all the turbulence in the tech industry, it’s smart for candidates to be concerned about the financial stability of their prospective employers. 

    Because our business is sustainably structured, we can continue to stay aggressive on growth, even in an environment where many other organizations have to scale back.


    We’re happy to say that Airbo is built for this exact scenario - a capital-constrained environment where pain-killing products thrive.


    Vlad and Kate (our COO) have built Airbo from the ground up to create a solid foundation, which includes over 400+ customers, like Fujifilm. Seasoned operators, Kate and I have been working together for over 12 years. 


    Airbo isn’t built like most other tech start-ups. The company was primarily bootstrapped since 2011. That means we are not dependent on Venture Capital. Vlad (our CEO) is the only board member. 


    One of their favorite sayings is “Proofit.” As in, the ultimate proof is in the profit. 

    Our benefits

    With generous vacation time, flexible work schedules, and the ability to work from anywhere, we make it easy for our team to find a healthy work-life balance.

    Unlimited PTO
    • It’s important for us to have periods of restoration and recovery so we can do our best work
    • One of your manager’s responsibilities at Airbo is to ensure you’ve scheduled two weeks of PTO for the year
    • Fully remote position
    • 100% free premiums for
      • Medical
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Life Insurance Coverage
    • $500 Annual HRA credit
    • Work from abroad for up to two weeks per year
    Holidays & Wellness Days
    • 16 holidays
      • 10 days throughout the year 
      • 6 work days for a year-end break
    • Plus, 4 wellness days to give people a break in months when it isn't a holiday

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