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As a broker, you can give your clients and prospects the following Airbo products for free:

New Hire Benefits Onboarding

Prospective Hire Benefits Overview

Text & Email Messaging

HR Assistant

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Free Broker Program

What is the free broker program?

This exclusive broker partner program allows you to give certain Airbo products to any organization (client or prospect) at no cost. You can check out and share this 2-min demo video for New Hire Benefits Onboarding as an example of a free broker product.

How do I sign up my clients / prospects?

Fill out this sign up form. Airbo will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your clients’ spots and begin implementation.

How many clients / prospects can I sign up?

You can reserve a spot for any number of clients, but please note that we have a limited number of implementation spots for each quarter. If you do not begin implementation within 4 weeks and there’s a waitlist, the spot will be forfeited with notice from Airbo.

How long do my clients have access?

They will have access to these products indefinitely. Airbo does reserve the right to change or terminate the program. If this is the case, Airbo will provide 90 days notice.

What if my client wants to use Airbo for more population segments or capabilities?

They can decide to purchase Airbo to use for education and communication for other priorities.

What else can Airbo be used for?

Open Enrollment, financial education, mental health awareness, new year benefit education and reminders, general benefits education, general company communications, culture, and more!

Does this free program include the Virtual Benefits Fair for their next Open Enrollment?

No. The client can upgrade to use Airbo for their next Open Enrollment. They will be able to set up a Virtual Benefits Fair in one click, and also set up their free New Hire Benefits Onboarding for the following year at the same time.

Does my client / prospect have to be on the implementation call?

Yes. Airbo requires that the client or prospect attend the implementation call because they will receive training on how to use the tool and add new hires throughout the year.

How long does implementation take?

Usually about 2 weeks from the time we receive your client’s benefit guide. The client and your team only need to attend a 30-minute training call and then review the content to launch.

What if two brokers try to add the same client?

The program is first come first serve and is not based on BOR. The first group to add a client will receive the free spot for them. If you’d like to reserve spots for all of your groups, you’re welcome to do so, but they must begin implementation within 4 weeks.

Will my client / prospect have to sign T&Cs?

Yes. Airbo requires the client to accept basic T&Cs for use of the software.

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