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Berkshire Residential Investments Improves Benefits Understanding for 100% of New Hires Who Use Airbo

Berkshire Residential Investments uses Airbo to bridge the benefits understanding gap for new hires, enhancing employee satisfaction from day one.


Diversey Sees Immediate Increase in Wellness Program Participation with Airbo

Diversey needed to hire an experienced leader to launch a new initiative aimed at boosting employee engagement in wellbeing. During Angela Thurston’s interview for the job, she shared her success using Airbo to promote wellbeing at her prior employer.


Advantage Benefit Solutions Uses Airbo to Help HCSS Employees Understand the True Value of Their Benefits

We had the opportunity to visit one of our earliest broker partners, Advantage Benefit Solutions in Houston, TX. Together, we helped answer a question I get asked a lot: “What’s it like to work with Airbo?”


Fujifilm Triples Health Assessment Completion Rates with Airbo

Like most companies, Fujifilm was using a variety of communication tools to push information out to staff. There were emails, newsletters, posters, and fliers. “We were doing everything we should have been doing,” recalls Gordon. But the feedback was clear: HR emails were going unopened, and newsletters were getting ignored.


University of Minnesota Physicians Achieves 100% Increase in Employee Enrollment with Airbo

Though they’d originally turned to Airbo to help them tackle the disruption caused by COVID-19, UM Minnesota quickly realized that the platform wasn’t just a crutch to get them through the pandemic, it’s a tool that could transform the entire way they engage with employees.

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