Most people don’t understand their benefits. We’re here to help.

More than 164 million people depend on employer-sponsored benefits like health insurance. But far too many of them don't understand their benefits, rack up big bills, and get the wrong care. We believe benefits education is the missing piece of the puzzle.


We built Airbo to make benefits communication work for everyone

When people fully understand their benefits, they’re much more likely to use them effectively—protecting their physical, mental, and financial health. And benefits teams see increased participation in benefits programs, lower costs, and less confusion.

“We’re on a mission to empower people to understand their benefits, so they can live happier and healthier lives.”

Vlad Gyster
Co-founder and CEO of Airbo
Our Approach

They will read it if it's fun

Typical HR teams don’t have the resources to build a comprehensive benefits communications plan and create engaging content. We designed Airbo to make benefits education interactive, enjoyable, and easy. Because you can’t bore people into taking action.

Meet Our Founders

Vlad Gyster, CEO

Vlad has spent more than 15 years solving problems in the HR benefits space as a consultant, technologist, and entrepreneur. He’s consulted on topics like actuarial pricing and vendor negotiations and developed pioneering benefits chatbots used by Fortune 500 companies like Yahoo!, McDonalds, and Campbell’s Soup. He drives innovation and product development for Airbo.

Kate Bernier, COO

After starting her career as an HR practitioner, Kate jumped into technology and spent more than a decade building benefits education and communications tools with Airbo. She’s worked with hundreds of organizations across all industries. She leads our sales and customer success teams and handles overall operations.

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