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We built a Benefits Engagement Platform. It makes boring benefit topics feel fun and interactive for delivering education to employees.

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Over the last 20 years, The Benefits Big Bang - a massive increase in the scope and complexity of the benefits ecosystem - has made benefits incredibly hard to understand.

Nevermind terms like Health Savings Account and Health Risk Assessment. According to the Journal of Health Economics, 86% of people can't even define basic words like copay and coinsurance.

When employees aren’t educated, benefit programs under-perform: employees misuse their benefits or simply don’t enroll.

Benefit leaders haven’t had the resources to close the gap. Most only have resources to educate employees during Open Enrollment, which is about 8% of the year. What happens the other 92% of the time?

Airbo was created to make it incredibly easy for benefit leaders to educate employees about benefit programs, so they appreciate, participate, and use them correctly. We’ve created a turn-key benefits engagement program that educates employees about everything they need to know, from health care consumerism to wellbeing.

Our Founders

Airbo was founded by Vlad Gyster (CEO) and Kate Bernier (COO)

Our Founders

We noticed that the number one reason HR teams couldn’t implement more benefits education is lack of time.
Airbo streamlines everything you need to drive engagement into two hours per campaign.

“ It wasn't an overnight success. We spent years experimenting with the product until we got it right, and then spun it out from a lab in 2020.”

Vlad Gyster and Kate Bernier
CEO and COO at Airbo

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