Benefits education that feels like Instagram

A simpler, better way to teach employees about benefits. Paid for by your vendors.

“Airbo makes employees more of an educated consumer because they know that these benefits are available.”

Carolyn Gordon
Director of Benefits, Fujifilm

Bite-Sized Education

Big-Sized Engagement

Benefits are complex.
Employee attention spans are shrinking.

When employees misunderstand benefits, bad things happen.

Airbo solves the problem by delivering bite-sized education every employee can use.

See How it Works

“I love how easy Airbo is to use and it's easy to get important information out there to our employees.”

Marnie Vaughn
Vice President, Human Resources Inframark

Reach every employee.

Whoever and wherever they are.

With Airbo, employees click a link in a text or email or scan a QR code, get useful information, and take action in seconds. It works on any device, in 40+ languages, with no sign-in and no app to download.


Trusted by more than 400 benefits teams

We’d never gotten that type of success. We interacted with people in an entirely different way, and they appreciated it.

Carolyn Gordon
Director of Benefits

It’s cut down on the phone calls and emails we get because employees know Airbo is there.

Kaama Malvin
Director of Total Rewards

Airbo makes employees more of an educated consumer because they now know that these benefits are available.

Angela Thurston
Benefits Manager

I’m a one-person show, so Airbo makes it easy to stay organized. It makes your content easily accessible in one location.

Lewis Letang
Senior HR Analyst



Of employees value their benefits more because of Airbo


Participation relative to live events.


Of the cost of working with a consultant.

For many companies, Airbo is free.

Airbo works with benefits brokers and vendors to help our customers access communication, wellness, and implementation credits that cover the cost of our tool.

“As an employer, Airbo makes it easy to create and distribute information to all our employees. It’s great for reaching several departments and various shifts.”

Brittanny Boyle
HR Specialist – Benefits/Engagement, Morton Industries

You tell us about your employees and your benefits.

We take it from there.

Airbo automatically designs your communication plan and assembles your content. You review it, then share it.


With Airbo

Help employees navigate major benefit changes

Simplify complex concepts like how to use a new HDHP into bite-sized information employees understand.

Reduce employee noise

Benefits teams get the same questions and complaints again and again. Airbo makes your answers heard.

Improve healthcare consumerism

Increase participation in programs that reduce costs and promote well-being, like mail order pharmacy and health screenings.

Help employees feel great about their benefits

When employees appreciate their benefits, it feels like getting a raise. Airbo makes sure they value their full compensation—from 401k to pet insurance.

Reach Every Employee