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HR and Corporate Communications use Airbo to modernize employee communications.

Employee communication for the 8 second attention span

Airbo makes HR topics feel fun, simple and visual so employees read, understand and participate.


"People generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain." - Time, May 2015


Enterprise content for the BuzzFeed generation

Airbo helps you deliver content based on consumer best practices. Save time and budget by copying content from an exhaustive library, creating your own in minutes, or using our affordable content creation services.


"Millenials overtake Baby Boomers as America's largest generation." - Pew Research Center, April 2016

Fujifilm uses Airbo to drive year-round engagement in Benefits and Wellness Programs. Over 87% of employees participate. Health care trend has decreased to 0%. Health Risk Assessment participation rates went up by 217%.


EBN Features Innovative Organizations Using Airbo

"In a world of constant distraction, the barrage of emails and ever increasing social media chatter, employers are finding it harder than ever to connect with employees. [H]istorical means of communication no longer cut it."

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