Benefits Engagement Platform

Easy & engaging benefits education

Interactive communication campaigns that get employees to pay attention, learn & participate.

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Trusted by 400+ of the best HR teams (we’re biased 😉)

Carolyn Gordon
Director of Benefits

“ We’d never gotten that type of success. We interacted with people in an entirely different way, and they appreciated it. ”

Kaama Malvin
Director of Total Rewards

“ It’s cut down on the phone calls and emails we get because employees know Airbo is there. ”

Angela Thurston
Benefits Manager

“ Airbo makes employees more of an educated consumer because they now know that these benefits are available ”

Lewis Letang
Senior HR Analyst

“ I’m a one-person show, so Airbo makes it easy to stay organized. It makes your content easily accessible in one location. ”

For employees,

Airbo feels more

like Instagram

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than Outlook

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OE guides and long emails don't get employee attention. We transform complex benefits information into bite-sized, interactive content that gets high engagement.

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For HR, Airbo is the fastest way to do benefits education

You pick what to engage employees in. We provide customized campaigns planned for the year.

Benefits Engagement
Retirement & Financial Wellbeing
Health Care Consumerism
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Increase employee


and participation

in 30 days

When employees pay attention, results follow. Real-time analytics demonstrate your ROI.

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