September 25, 2023
Evelyn Cools
Evelyn Cools

Smooth Sailing: 5 Tips for a Successful Open Enrollment Season

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We know that preparing for Open Enrollment season can feel overwhelming. But don't worry, you're in good hands with Airbo! As you're putting the final touches on your Open Enrollment campaign, here are 5 tips to guide you along the way and ensure your employees have a blast while choosing their benefits.

Hosting Your Virtual Benefits Fair 🎡

During Open Enrollment season, your goal should be to provide every employee with concise and engaging content that highlights what they need to know about their benefits. Hosting a Virtual Benefits Fair with Airbo is the easiest way to do that, so you've already taken the right first step! Delivered directly to their phone or email, employees will receive bite-sized information that is easy to understand and fun to learn about.

5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Benefits Fair

1. Run Prizes for Engagement

Speaking of fun, who doesn't love prizes? You can motivate your employees to engage with benefits content by offering exciting giveaways. This adds an element of excitement to the process and encourages participation.

💡 How to: If you want to offer giveaways to participants, make sure to add a Prizes tile to your Virtual Benefits Fair. We suggest asking your vendors to provide prizes to run a raffle. As a reminder, Airbo automatically keeps track of prize entries, and you’ll be able to pick winner(s) with one click.

2. Communicate in Advance

One of the keys to success is organizing your communication effectively. Start by sending out a pre-launch communication 3-5 days before your Open Enrollment campaign begins. This ensures that employees are prepared and ready to explore their options, and maximizes engagement once the campaign goes live.

💡 How to: Our team will help you set up pre-launch messaging to employees via the communication channels you have in place. We also assist with communication to your managers so they know how to promote and answer questions about the Virtual Benefits Fair.

3. Set Reminders

Use reminders to reach people at different times throughout the enrollment period. This strategy helps catch their attention, especially when they might be engrossed in work tasks. We recommend setting reminders halfway through the Open Enrollment campaign, as well as the day before enrollment closes. 

💡 How to: Suggested reminder Tiles will be included in your campaign. You will also be able to add in any additional reminder Tiles from our library, or you can create your own!

4. Simplify Communication with Multilingual Support

Navigating the world of benefits can be complex, especially if English isn't your first language. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of Airbo’s translation feature with 40+ languages, prompting employees to select the language they are most comfortable with. Offering multilingual content ensures that every employee fully understands their options.

💡 How to: Once employees visit their Virtual Benefits Fair, they can click the translate icon in the upper righthand corner. This will give them the option to select a new language and receive an instant translation of their benefits information. Check out this video to see it in action.

5. Make Sharing a Breeze

Keep in mind that many employees want to share information with their spouses, domestic partners or dependents. Simplify the process through shareable links so that the entire family can make informed decisions about their benefits.

💡 How to: Enable sharing of specific Tiles by going into Edit mode for the Tile, scrolling down to Tile Settings, and toggling on “Sharing capability with friends and family.” Alternatively, you can allow employees to share the entire experience with someone by adding the “Invite your plus one!” Tile to your campaign.

Bonus: Ongoing Education

Making sure employees understand and feel good about their benefits isn’t just a one-and-done deal. That’s why ongoing benefits education is so important. Keeping your workforce informed about any changes throughout the year, such as the introduction of an Health Savings Account or starting a new plan year in January, helps them make the best choices for their unique needs.

💡How to: Set up monthly campaigns about specific topics that align with your benefits strategy. If you haven’t taken advantage of this yet, talk to your Customer Success team member to learn more! 

Your Best Open Enrollment Yet!

Getting ready for Open Enrollment doesn't have to be a daunting task. With these five tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to ensuring the best enrollment experience for your employees. Keep it simple, make it engaging, and watch participation rates take off. Here's to a successful Open Enrollment season! 

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