All-in-One Benefits Engagement Platform

From content to technology, Airbo combines everything HR professionals need to engage employees and dependents.

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“ If I had to make this content from scratch, it would probably take me a good 20, 30 hours.

Angela Thurston, Benefits Manager, Diversey

How it works

It’s hard to find time to do benefits education. Airbo streamlines the process into a few fast and simple steps that take just a few hours.


Based on your goals and benefits programs, we provide you with recommended Campaigns organized into an Annual Communications Plan. Our suggestions are backed by our work with over 600 organizations over the past 12 years.


Each Campaign lasts up to a month. Just pick the ones you’d like to run and we’ll customize the content based on your benefit programs and priorities.


Our technology automatically drives employee (and dependent) engagement. Our analytics prove increased appreciation and participation.

World-Class Support

All of our technology is underpinned by world class support from real-live humans that are here to help you be successful.

Implementation Support

A dedicated Customer Success Manager works with you to make the launch a success.

Communication Strategy 

Your Customer Success Manager helps you pick Campaigns that will help accomplish your objectives.

Proactive Check-Ins 

We check-in proactively throughout the year to make sure that your program stays on track.


We’ll organize your Campaigns into an Annual Communication Plan. Like a communication assistant, we help with strategy, provide content, and keep it all on track.

Campaigns Customized to You

Choose which topics to focus on based on your programs and priorities. Our Campaigns have been developed based on our work with over 600 organizations and key subject matter experts. We customize the content based on your plans & priorities.

Benefits Engagement
  • Virtual Benefits Fair
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • End of Year Deadlines
  • Preventive Care
  • Holiday Wellness
  • Wellness Program Participation
  • Mental Health Awareness
Health Care Consumerism
  • Health Term Basics
  • How to Use Your Plan
  • How to Save Money
Retirement & Financial Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Retirement
Can’t find the content you need?
  • Airbo maintains an expansive library on benefits topics created by content experts.
  • You can create your own with our easy-to-use Content Management System.

Reach Everyone

With a click or a tap, employees are automatically logged in. No sign-ins or apps to download. Mobile or computer, Airbo “just works” on any device.

Text & Email Messages

Employees receive the right kind of message based on their communication preferences.

Public URL and QR Code

No contact information? No problem. You can make Airbo into a public site that employees can access with a link or QR code.

Mobile or Desktop

Airbo automatically works on any device, no apps to download.

Magic Sign-In

No need to sign-up, enter a password, or download an app. People access Airbo with a link that can be texted, emailed, or posted to other systems.

Language Translation

Employees can automatically translate content in over 36 languages.

Spouse Invites

You can allow employees to invite their spouses to see content, and save their contact information for future communications.

Capture Attention

Benefit communications often have low engagement due to dull delivery. That’s why the foundation of Airbo is “The Tile.” It uses techniques from consumer technologies to make benefit topics fun & easy to understand.

Easy to Understand

Tiles make it easy to understand complex benefits by making them short and visual. with videos, GIFs and images.

Links Drive Participation

Tiles boost traffic to resources like  vendors systems, videos, and decision support systems.

Gamification to Motivate Learning

At the bottom of each Tile, employees answer a question. With each interaction, they earn points and are moved to the next Tile so they keep learning.


Add optional prizes to drive higher engagement.

Track Increased Appreciation & Participation

See real-time improvements in employee sentiment about your benefits and traffic to resources throughout your ecosystem.

Real-Time Data

The minute your Campaign launches, you’ll see your employees engaging.


Add any survey questions to better understand employee preferences.

Participation Boost

Track increases in participation to the tools and resources in your ecosystem.

User-Level Participation

Unlike other communication technologies, our data is user-level, which means you can see exactly how many employees read a Tile, how many times they read it, and how they interacted.

Benefits Value

Employees interact with visual, interactive bits of content called Tiles. They earn points for answering each one, which can even add up to prizes that you can set.

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