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7 Topics to Communicate to Employees in September

Every month, Airbo provides you with suggested topics to communicate to employees as part of your Annual Communications Plan. The topics are based on hundreds of data points regarding what our customers communicate each month of the year.

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to plan what to communicate to employees in September. This month, share a mix of essential serious information and some lighter topics to engage employees with your HR communications.

1. Labor Day


With all of the widespread stress in 2020, maintaining a healthy work/life balance is more important now than ever. Be sure to let employees know that your company is closed on Monday, September 7 for Labor Day.

Sample Tile: Happy Labor Day!

2. Annual Physicals and Biometric Screenings


This is a good time to promote any incentives that your company offers for employees who complete their annual physicals and biometric screenings. Since September closes out the third quarter, remind employees to schedule their free annual physical and get their biometric screening before the year is over. 

Sample Tiles: What is a biometric screening?, Get the Scoop on Biometrics, Why are annual physicals important?, What does an annual physical entail?

3. Review Beneficiaries



Many people aren’t aware that benefits like life insurance, their 401(k) plans, and HSAs aren’t covered by their will. Educate employees about why it’s important to review their beneficiaries annually and with any major life changes. Nudge them to review their beneficiaries this month to make sure that the right people inherit their assets when the time comes.

Sample Tiles: Designate (or amend) your beneficiary

4. Life Insurance Awareness Month



September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Only 60 percent of Americans are covered by life insurance, and many of those people don’t have enough, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Many people (especially the youngest employees) think life insurance costs much more than it actually does. Explain the reasons to sign up for life insurance so that employees can understand and appreciate this important but often overlooked benefit.

Sample Tiles: Term life insurance, Should you get “term” or “perm” life insurance?, Benefits Spotlight: Whole Life (permanent) Insurance, September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

5. National Preparedness Month


We recognize National Preparedness Month each September, and the COVID-19 pandemic, wild fires, and impending hurricanes make family and community disaster planning especially relevant now. Share content that will help employees prepare for emergencies and remind them about the support your company can provide to help.

Sample Tiles: What to do when a natural disaster strikes, Benefits and resources available to you during times of need, How to request Emergency Paid Sick Leave, Is your emergency contact info accurate?, Emergency Evacuation: Escape routes

5. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month


September is National Suicide Prevention Month. This month, share content to increase awareness about suicide, which much like mental health conditions, can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or background. Make sure employees know how to seek help for themselves or their dependents if they experience suicidal thoughts.

Sample Tiles: September is National Suicide Prevention Month, Benefits Spotlight: Employee Assistance Program,

6. Wellness Challenges


Balance this month’s heavy topics with some lighter, easy to follow wellness tips. Our wellness challenges are very achievable and realistic ways that employees can make small changes to improve their health and wellbeing.  

Sample Tiles: Mindfulness Challenge: Laugh!, Mindfulness Challenge: Clear your Desk, Fitness Challenge: Use a fitness app, Fitness Challenge: Start lifting weights!, Nutrition Challenge: Grill tonight

That’s what we suggest for communicating with employees in September. Be sure to check back next month and sign up for our newsletter for more advice on how to keep employees engaged throughout the year.