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5 Topics to Communicate to Employees in February

Every month, Airbo provides you with suggested topics to communicate to employees as part of your Annual Communications Plan. The topics are based on hundreds of data points regarding what our customers communicate each month of the year.

February is almost here, and that means it’s time to plan your communications for the month. Though short in days, this month is packed full of health initiatives to communicate, like Heart Health Month and National Cancer Prevention Month. Use the February themes to spotlight preventive care benefits and resources supporting health diagnoses. This is also the time of year when people tend to hit the annual “winter slump,” so use this month to promote winter wellness and safety tips.

Here’s our breakdown of 4 topics we recommend communicating to your employees in February.

1. Heart Health Month


February is Heart Health Month, which makes it the perfect time to talk about the risks of heart disease and the benefits of preventive care and screenings. Communicate the steps everyone should take to prevent heart problems by establishing healthy habits, and by proactively scheduling screenings and annual physicals to catch heart conditions early.

Sample Content: Love your heart this Valentine’s Day, Nutrition Challenge: Eat fatty fish to ward off heart disease, Friday, 2/7 is National Go Red Day!, Why are annual physicals important?

2. National Cancer Prevention Month


There are approximately 1.7 million new cancer diagnoses per year in the United States, many of which are caused by preventable factors. Use this month to educate employees about the cancer-related benefits your company offers, wellness tips to lower their risk factors, and encourage them to schedule their preventive care screenings.

Sample Content: February is National Cancer Prevention Month, Benefit Spotlight: Second Opinion, Benefit Spotlight: Cancer Advocacy Service, Benefit Spotlight: Critical Illness Insurance, How To Buy The Healthiest Produce

3. Tax Prep


Tax season is almost here, and all employees should be receiving their 1095-C and W-2 statements. Let them know who they should contact if they haven’t received their tax forms yet, and provide a few friendly tips about filing their taxes.

Sample Content: How to Turn Tax Day Into Pay Day, Tax Prep Checklist: Get Organized. Get Paid. , How to make taxes (ahem) less taxing, HSA Tax Forms Explained

4. Holidays


Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is a great time to promote wellness for employees and their loved ones. February 17th is Presidents’ Day – if the office is closed in observance of the holiday, be sure to give employees plenty of warning.

Sample Content: Happy Valentine’s Day!, President’s Day is February 17

5. Winter Wellness Tips


For many, winter may start to feel never-ending in February. Highlight winter wellness tips to help employees get through the rest of the colder months, like why it’s important to get daily vitamin D, ways to keep active and safety tips specifically related to winter and cold weather.

Sample Content: Nutrition Challenge: Add Vitamin D to your diet, Fitness Challenge: Shovel instead of using the snowblower, Asthma in the wintertime, Fight seasonal affective disorder, What to do if there’s a snowstorm on a workday

That’s our recommendation of what to communicate in February. We hope this saves you time this month!

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